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Bed-Down Excel

Bed-Down Excel is a soft blend of chopped golden Norfolk wheat straw and softwood shavings that guarentees an absorbent, comfortable and durable bed for your horse


Bed-Down Rapasorb

Bed-Down Rapasorb is the most absorbant bedding within the Bed-Down range. It is made from quality rape straw which is perfect for wet stables and horses that are in a restricted diet.


Bed-Down Lavender Shavings

Bed-Down Lavender Shavings is the origional lavender scented quine bedding loved by horses & their owners. Lavender Shavings is made from quality soft wood shavings



LITTLEMAX Shavings are made to measure to offer owners all the benefits of BEDMAX protection, support, comfort and natural hygiene, but in a smaller, finer, whiter shaving


BEDMAX Shavings

BEDMAX shavings - Dust free, hygienic, comfortable, supportive, protective, completly natural, long - lasting large pine shavings - purpose made to help you safeguard the health and wellbeing of your horse in the stable


Snowflake Softchip

Snowflake Softchip is a popular alternative to traditional wood shavings. They are manufactured from premium softwood and are dust extracted, highly absorbent, soft and comfortable with a pine fresh odour.


Hunter Woodshavings 

Hunter woodshavings is a white woodflake shaving with a low dust content and is highly absorbent - all bales are vacum packed and weatherproof.


MegaSpread Woodshavings

MegaSpread Woodshavings is a large flake which offers stability enabling the bed to stay supportive and in place. it is extremly dust-extracted and dried at sterilizing temperatures to reduce bacteria ensuring the health of your horses respiratory system.


BedSoft Bio

BedSoft Bio is made from the straw of oilseed rape crop, once shredded and choped it is then dust extracted. BedSoft is easy to muck out and is extremley absorbent.


Pure Wood Pellets

Pure Wood Pellets are compressed natural wood and the are a hightly absorbent sponge when in contact with liquid, they are 100% organic and are healthier for your horse, you and your stables.


Bedkind Carboard Bedding

Bedkind bedding is made from new,  dust extracted cardboard helping your horse breathe easier. Bedkind has natural insulation and absorbancy properties so your horse can stay warmand dry.